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May 2 By-Elections in Kemptown and Queen’s Park

Time To Vote For A Local: Gary Farmer and Adrian Hart


Last year the people of Kemptown and Queen’s Park elected four Labour Councillors to represent them.

Turns out that Labour Party incompetence meant they didn’t vet their candidates properly choosing people with tenuous links to the city, who achieved nothing and resigned in disgrace. More info here.

The other two Labour Councillors in Kemptown and Queen’s Park live in Hove and Moulsecoomb.

The Labour candidates in the by-elections live in Preston Park and Hanover. Closer than Leicester but surely it’s time to…




The people of Kemptown and Queen’s Park need and deserve Councillors who:

  • will bang the drum for them

  • won’t be a nodding dog for their parties

  • live in the area they represent - and know the issues


No more national party robots parachuted in (repeating the same party lines and making the same mistakes again and again)  


Your choices: Grifters or Grafters?


We all know how the system works: whether red, blue, green or yellow, politicians put the needs of their political parties first - and those of the City and its resident second.


They have failed so many people in our City in so many different ways. So many bad decisions guided by Party ideology. So many avoidable and self-made disasters.  It’s time to Vote For A Local!


About Gary Farmer standing in Kemptown



About Adrian Hart standing in Queen’s Park

Adrian Hart.jpeg

Adrian works as a film maker and writer. He is a former trustee of the Brighton Society and co-founder of Business & Residents Against Tagging (BRAT). After setting up Amex Area Neighbourhood Action Forum in 2019, a battle with the council secured the lease to what is now the thriving White Street Community Garden on Edward Street. Adrian established the garden as a Community Interest Company and acts as its Executive Director.  He has lived in Queen's Park for 21 years

and his son went to Orchard Day Nursery and Queen’s Park Primary School.

Gary Farmer Regency.jpeg

Gary is the MD of a successful city centre language school based on the Old Steine. He lives in Kemptown and is Founder of the Old Steine Community Association and a member of the St James’ Business Alliance.  He was born and raised in central Brighton and lived and worked in Tokyo before returning to Brighton in 2006.

Led By Locals; Putting People Before Politics;
The Change Our City Needs


Our goal is to improve the running of Brighton & Hove through the election of Councillors with

the life and work experiences needed to manage Our City. 


Unshackled from national party politics, independent councillors work together –
and with any party councillor willing to join forces - to put Our City First.


We are Independents because we are not part of the traditional political parties –
and are offering a genuine alternative.


In our careers, we have successful track records of getting things done -
and want to use this experience and know-how to make the
right decisions for Brighton & Hove.

We are open-minded, honest, impartial, experienced, transparent,
practical, pragmatic and solution-oriented.

Led By Locals; Putting People Before Politics;
The Change Our City Needs

Current Councillors

Get Involved


Now we are looking for more people with the skills our city needs to get back on track - and who are ready to stand up for the place that we all love.


The more independents that get elected, the more likely we are to achieve change.

Whether you are interested in standing for election or volunteering to work on the campaign behind the scenes, please get in touch.   



We need funds to pay for our campaign (posters, leaflets etc).

The main political parties are funded by big business, trade unions and national pressure groups. 

We will be funded by the people of Brighton & Hove who share our passion for the city – and despair at what is happening to it.

Please email us at if you are able to help.

Register To Vote – and Then Vote

The population of our city is around 290,000 with about 204,000 registered to vote.

However, in 2019 only 42.45% of the 204,000 actually voted. That’s around 89,000 people.

It’s obvious why: they saw no viable alternatives to the traditional political dogfight.

But it’s easy to register to vote for us. And easy to register for a postal vote - so you don’t even have to leave the house.

To register please visit:


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